Shocked viewers take to Twitter to slam Adam Sandler after he touches Claire Foy’s knee

Shocked viewers have raged  out at Hollywood star Adam Sandler, 51, after he repeatedly touched British actress Claire Foy during  Friday night’s, Graham Norton Show.  Foy appeared to squirm with embarrassment throughout the ordeal. Foy appeared to pat away Sandlers hand but her efforts seemed to go unnoticed, as he soon placed it back on her knee- much to her apparent awkwardness.  Double Oscar winner, Emma Thompson, was also a guest on the show. She appeared to glare at Sandler throughout the awkward encounter. Thompson, 58, is Sandlers co-star in the new Netflix film The Meyerwitz Stories. Claire Foy has been extremely vocal during the Weinstein scandal. She called the disgraced movie producer… Read More

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