The list of allegations facing Kevin Spacey continues to grow after actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making unwanted sexual advances on him when he was 14, as published by BuzzFeed Sunday night.
Another accuser of Spacey has come forward, filmmaker Tony Montana, who says a drunken Spacey confronted him in 2003 at a trendy Los Angeles pub, groping his genitals and telling him, “This designates ownership.”
“He grabbed my whole package, he grabbed me hard; no one had ever done that to me,” Montana told USA TODAY, speaking from Seattle where he is shooting a movie.
Montana was surprised to see Spacey, whom he recognized but had never seen before in the Coronet Pub, a hangout for some Hollywood types at the time. Montana said he had never heard any stories of Spacey taking such licenses. “(Spacey’s behavior) didn’t matter to me until he grabbed me because I’m straight,” Montana said.
Montana, then in his 30s, pushed his hand away (turning Spacey’s thumb back in a martial-arts move). Then Spacey, whom he described as being falling-down drunk, followed him into the bathroom and practically fell on him.
“I pushed him back, backed him out of the bathroom and told his friends, ‘Time to take your boy home,’ ” Montana said.
He never said anything publicly about his Spacey encounter, in part for an ironic reason.
At the time, Montana was working on a documentary, 2003’s Overnight, about filmmaker Troy Duffy, who’d been blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein, and was afraid that if he spoke up about Spacey, the mogul might find out about the project and threaten his chances of getting it made or released.
Photo Source: Twitter/ USA Today

Reported by: Lacey Dash; Edited by: Amy Wesley


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